Welcome to the CR8IVE portfolio of Dave Rodgers. Currently working as Creative Director at Jacknife Design

Dave is a multi-faceted, seasoned Creative Director and Designer who has a keen sense for combining client needs and creating unique designs. He loves a meticulously refined brand as much as a beautifully textured, handmade vintage poster. Versatility is one of the many sharpened tools within his design repertoire.

Dave brings a professional level of quality and creativity to his work and has many years of experience managing small and large creative teams. He has been the lead creative and responsible for some impressive award winning marketing campaigns and graphic design applications. He has worked on well-known brands such as Arterra, Bacardi, Campari, Hudson Bay Company, Lindt & Spru╠łngli, Molson Coors, Nike, Toronto Blue Jays, and MLSE.

Contact Dave at: (416) 723-8017 or by email at: 78drodgers@gmail.com